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PDF Creator 1.7.0

PDF Creator 1.7.0 Free Download

free download

The program that gives your documents a more professional look


PDF Creator is a utility that creates PDF files from almost every program. It converts your Word document into a PDF regardless of which program it was created in. Nowadays it’s very important to know how to work with PDFs as they are very commonly used, especially for professional tasks. It also allows you to create them from scratch, so it doesn’t only convert them from other programs. PDF Creator will give your documents a more professional appearance by avoiding incorporated watermarks or ads, etc.

It has a very controversial interface, as there seem to be lots of different points of view for and against the way it works. However, as in every program, it can look a bit chaotic at the beginning, but when you get used to working with it, the interface becomes very easy to use. Once you download it and run it for the very first time, the language might not be the one you want. It’s quite simple to change it though: in the Printer menu you have to click on Options and then choose the language you want.

Your first steps with this software

PDF Creator is really easy to download and to install; it doesn’t take too much time doing it, and it’s very simple and intuitive in comparison with similar programs. When you want to start using it, you just have to open the Word file you want to transform into a PDF, click on File>Print and then choose this program as the printer. It will appear in a new window with some information (such as the issue, author, title…) that you have to fill in about the document.

PDF Creator includes the option of merging two different documents, letting you work in a more comfortable way

You can save it by using its AutoSave option, send it or print it, according to your preferences or needs. As well as this, you will be able to adjust the quality of the result, such as choosing a high-quality document or establishing some pre-defined templates. These actions can be set before and after saving them.

One of the most demanded features in this kind of program is the possibility of merging two different PDFs. PDF Creator includes this option, allowing the user to work in a more comfortable way. Moreover, if you want to keep your privacy of what you have written, you are able to encrypt your documents. In that way, you can prevent others from accessing your private PDFs.

PDF Creator 1.7.0 Features

PDF Creator includes the following features:

  • Convert any document from the most common programs such as OpenOffice, Notepad or Word
  • Possibility of creating documents in various formats such as BMP, EPS, PS, JPG, TIFF and PNG
  • Merge two different PDFs
  • Share your PDFs on a network using its server mode
  • Save them using its free AutoSave feature
  • Possibility of sending them by email
  • Possibility of integrating them in other apps thanks to its COM programming interface
  • Protect your private PDFs
  • Eleven advanced commands available to experienced users

If you want to read more about PDF Creator, feel free to do so at the developer’s website

System requirements

If you want to download PDF Creator, we recommend you to check the system requirements beforehand:

  • OS: Windows XP or higher
  • CPU: 233 MHz
  • RAM: 64 MB
  • HDD: 28 MB of free space

free download


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